Safety is our top priority on every one of our job sites. Our Superintendents and Foreman all hold OSHA 30 Certifications, and all of our employees are OSHA 10 Certified.


Our first order of work each day is to hold our Safety Tailgate Meetings, during which our Activity Pre-Task Plan is reviewed. Our day then closes with input back on the activities performed and the closure of the daily plan.


Wadley Construction is proud of our EMR rating of 0.81, which is a result of our teams safe working methodologies. Our outstanding safety record is no accident; it is the direct result of a proactive safety program that includes ongoing on-site inspections, continuous training, and innovative efforts to develop safety awareness among all of our employees.


Moreover, our emphasis on safety extends beyond our job sites; we include our clients and the public as well. Whatever the size or scope the project is, we consider safety an instrumental component of quality construction.





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